Understand karma, and know how to live the life of your dreams.

I created an easy way to remember and practice the 5 yamas (ethical disciplines) and 5 niyamas (personal disciplines) of yoga. I wear these 10 disciplines like a rainbow-colored “glove of karma” on my hands, easily reminding myself to observe them throughout the day. These 10 disciplines are part of a complete yoga practice.

My thoughts, words, and actions matter. Nothing I think, say, or do goes for naught. Every single thought, word, and action has a karmic effect. Therefore, I choose the highest and the best thoughts, words, and actions – every day, throughout the day.

Try it! Hold your hands in front of you, palms up. Begin with the right hand. Start at the pinky finger and move toward the thumb.

On Your Right Hand: 5 Ethical Disciplines (Yamas)

  1. non-violence
  2. truthfulness
  3. non-stealing
  4. chastity
  5. non-grasping

On Your Left Hand: 5 Personal Disciplines (Niyamas)

  1. cleanliness
  2. contentment
  3. austerity
  4. self-study
  5. surrender to God

A complete yoga practice includes these 10 disciplines, as well as physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

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