For long-term health, enjoying a vacation is as important as working hard.

I would like to share a daily journaling process that helps me focus on positive, life-affirming truths and accomplish important goals. I use the STAR (Self-Administered Tool for Awareness and Relaxation), a multidimensional model for spiritual growth and awakening.

  • I relax.
  • I travel safely.
  • I enjoy my week of vacation.
  • I am generous with my partner.
  • I am persistent in pursuit of my goals.
  • I forgive.
  • I love and accept myself.

I identified realistic, short-term goals related to these affirmations. Here are some of the goals I accomplished this week:

  • Downloaded new podcasts to my iPod.
  • Maintained my exercise routine.
  • Relaxed and enjoyed a week of vacation.

I made prayer cards based on these affirmations to focus my daily prayer on what is most important to me for my loved ones, the Earth, and myself at this time.

Thank you for witnessing my STAR journaling process. If you would like to learn how to use the STAR, please follow this blog for regular updates.

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