Journaling: A daily practice for self-awareness, health and wellness

This week I have become increasingly aware of ways that I can continue to release negativity from my thoughts, my home, and my relationship with my partner.

I cleaned up my altar space and rearranged the sacred objects. Almost instantly I noticed positive changes in my life.

I would like to share the journal process I use to reinforce positive, life-affirming truths and accomplish important goals. The STAR (Self-Administered Tool for Awareness and Relaxation) is a multidimensional model for spiritual growth and awakening based on the concept that “I create my own reality: Everything I experience originates from my own mind.”

Affirmations for this week from my STAR journal:

  • I practice radical self-responsibility.
  • I enjoy my husband’s company.
  • I publish blogs to share and help others.
  • I maintain a clean, sacred altar space.
  • My vow of silence creates peace around me.
  • I take walks to the park to appreciate nature.
  • The people I see around me are happy.

I identified realistic, short-term goals related to these affirmations. Here are some of the goals I accomplished this week:

  • Took a 45-minute walk every day to the park.
  • Reorganized my altar space and cleaned off sacred objects.
  • Contacted magazine editors about publishing my articles.

I made prayer cards based on these affirmations to focus my daily prayer on what is most important to me for my loved ones, the earth, and myself at this time.

Thank you for witnessing my STAR journal process. If you would like to learn how to use the STAR, please follow this blog for regular updates.

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