At any moment, you could be staring death in the face. The dance of life is your dress rehearsal for that moment.

owl's face

Recently diagnosed with cancer, a friend of mine (a man in his late 50’s) requested a Life Reading as he undergoes a spiritual transformation. He is currently making some important decisions that directly impact his family and his lifestyle. The following symbols appeared to Parama in this Life Reading:

  • Close-up to an owl’s face
  • Cross-section of a citrus fruit with clairaudient message, “Eat citrus.”
  • View of a forest canopy, as if lying on a lush, forest floor at base of a tall tree, looking straight up at the tree
  • Still image of the classical “dancing Shiva nataraja,” with the prominent feature of the image being the act of dancing and how Shiva is holding up his foot

The following is a letter I wrote to my friend about these symbols, their meaning, and how this information can be applied in everyday life:

You are now experiencing a major transition in which you must face death directly. The image of the owl’s face appears as very intense and confrontational, not in a threatening way, but in a way that you cannot avoid or ignore. At this time in your life, you are facing your own death.

The image of a sliced citrus fruit and the accompanying message indicates that there may be some health benefit for you to eat citrus at this time. It could also be a symbol of enjoying the fruits of your labor, of seeds that you planted long ago or even recently, which are now showing up in their fullness in your life.

Be mindful of the blessings that come to you, and realize that they are the result of how you’ve lived your life thus far. If you wish to continue enjoying such blessings, then focus on planting more of these seeds in the time you have left on this earth.

Looking up at a tall tree as you lie on a lush forest floor indicates that you would do well to find repose and perhaps a retreat in nature. To connect with nature at this time would be very healing and rejuvenating for you (symbolized by the lush greenness of this natural setting). It will also help you view life from a broad and uplifting perspective (symbolized by “looking up to the heavens”).

The image of a dancing Shiva nataraja signifies that you are now embodying the fullness of your spiritual understanding of reality and ultimate truth. A fully empowered being, Shiva is dancing to remind us of how reality itself is but a dance, a divine play of illusion through which we must all move in order to realize ultimate truth. This indicates that as you face your death, you are being presented with an opportunity to “be in the dance” and gain profound spiritual wisdom.

Consider researching the significance of the “dancing Shiva nataraja” in order to gain a deeper understanding, according to the classical Vedas (scriptures). You may wish to consider how you can share your wisdom with others. Now is the time.

Blessings to you on your life’s journey. Thank you for writing. –Parama

To know what you should “do” in life, simply “be” who you are.

elephant w tusks

My friend, a man in his early 40s, recently moved to a new place where he is living and working in a challenging, unfamiliar situation. This Life Reading addressed the following question:

What is my role at the place where I am currently living? What should I be focusing on right now? The following symbols appeared to Parama in this Life Reading:

  • a mature buck with large antlers lying in grass looking relaxed, aware, and calm
  • a person forming clay at a potter’s wheel
  • a regal, adult male elephant with tusks walking through the wild
  • an empty wheelbarrow

The following is a letter I wrote to my friend about these symbols, their meaning, and how this information can be applied in everyday life:

Instead of focusing on what you need to “do,” now is the time for you to show up fully with who you are — to just “be”. The symbol of the mature buck indicates that you can simply be at peace, calm, and fully aware.

The qualities I would associate with the image of this buck include wisdom, maturity, experience, and awareness. You are invited to fully manifest these qualities in your home during your day to day life.

The elephant that appeared in this Life Reading was regal, powerful, and dominant. These are also qualities that you are invited to bring to your everyday life and into your interactions with the people closest to you.

The symbol of the potter at the potter’s wheel indicates that now is a time for you to form a natural and man-made container that is useful to humans out of the raw materials available to you. This may include physical materials as well as emotional and spiritual ones.

The empty wheelbarrow symbolizes how you are doing the work to move these raw materials where they need to go, from one place to another.

I would like to invite you to bring the qualities of your power animals (the mature elephant and buck) into doing this work.

I wish you blessings on your life’s journey. Thank you for writing.  –Parama

My vow of silence is a radical experiment for world peace.

When I decided to take a vow of silence for one year, I really meant it. Four months into my year-long vow, I got angry at my husband and blurted. Determined to practice silence for one full year, I started over from scratch. Six months later, I have successfully maintained my vow. With only two months left, I have experienced so much benefit from this practice, that I am considering the option to extend my practice beyond one year.

I have dedicated my vow of silence to manifesting world peace. This means that it is a conscious practice. I’m not just doing it as a novelty or a personal experiment. I really believe that world peace must start with me. It must. Peace doesn’t happen “out there.” It has to happen from within myself, because everything I perceive comes from my own mind. I overlay my interpretations onto everything I experience. That means that the entire world originates from my own heart. If I see violence in the world, it must come from me. That means I have to change it. It is my responsibility.

When I broke my vow of silence out of anger, it was a conscious choice. It was motivated by anger and fear. I admit it. I know that by speaking angry words, it can only come back to me in the future as something negative. I accept that I made a mistake and that I must move on with determination to perfect myself. Why? Because that is the only way I can create a world where I perceive perfectly happy beings.

I realize that this is a radical perspective that contradicts the worldview I was raised in and the worldview that the majority of people operate in. But this doesn’t mean it’s wrong. If I’m right – that world peace starts with me – then I have to prove it to myself. I am determined. This is not just a little experiment. It is a radical self-transformation motivated by the desire to change the world.