Thank you for visiting! I’m a published author, bilingual educator, therapist, and an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation. Formerly a special education classroom teacher for over a decade, my life took a dramatic turn when I dedicated myself to intense spiritual study in 2008, completing a one-year vow of daily meditation and introspection. My teacher and mentor, Baba Hari Dass, gave me the name “Parama” and counseled me, “Your prescribed duty is austerity, sacrifice and charity. . . .  Be a student of God.”

scan0061As a U.S.-Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher (License #MT-15237), I have practiced and studied therapeutic bodywork modalities under the guidance of master teachers for over fifteen years.  I am U.S. nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (#407540-00), offering a unique blend of Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Craniosacral, Reflexology, as well as other therapeutic modalities — all tailored to the individual needs of my clients. As a bilingual educator, I am an instructor of massage therapy and yoga for students in training.

Butterflies training copyI am the author of the eBook series The STAR Method, a multidimensional model of holistic education that emphasizes health, wellness, and the ability to adapt within a rapidly changing world. I am the author of the eBook series Life Readings: Know Your Mission, a collection of real-life stories to help people discover their unique life’s mission.

I currently offer ongoing classes, workshops and wellness retreats featuring the Parama Yoga Method, a unique system of yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation based on ancient techniques.

Parama w Sammie at Nancy'sAs a Master of Arts in Education, I have taught in both public and private schools for over a decade as a specialist for children and adults with a variety of developmental and learning disabilities. Five years ago, I moved to southern Belize (a tiny country south of Mexico along the Caribbean Sea), purchased an acre of land in a rural setting, and conceptualized The Farm School — a residential learning center in Belize, Central America that provides vocational training to youth and supports the health and wellness of the community.

I currently live in Central America, where I teach, write, and offer ongoing yoga classes, therapeutic massage, workshops and retreats.

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