Parama Yoga Method

Be in your body like never before…

Parama with two German woofers copyparama-w-luis-edgar-julian-ctl-2017-e1567030843981.jpgParama w F in paschimottanasana assistParama w Fernando in table assist

Try a class! Join a wellness retreat in Mexico or Belize

Parama Yoga Method integrates traditional yoga postures, breathing, and meditation, featuring a unique sequence of postures that progress sequentially through the seven energy centers (chakras) of the body. Read about “How Yoga Works” to understand the subtle, powerful relationship between your thoughts, your chakras and your life force (prana).

In Sanskrit, the word parama means “highest, most supreme.” Parama Yoga is a practical method for realizing one’s fullest, highest self, which can be directly experienced by a dedicated practitioner.

The 7 energy centers (chakras) of the body

The 7 energy centers (chakras) of the body

“It is my honor to highly recommend Parama as a yoga instructor. I had the privilege to attend her sessions when I was in Belize for vacation. She has the unique observational skills to work with a group but customizes the sessions to everyone’s individual needs. She is very well versed in quite a few disciplines of yoga, therefore meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of all.”  —C.L., Physical Therapist, Chicago

“I’ve had some good yoga teachers and some excellent yoga teachers. You’re up there with the excellent.”  —W.N., Travel Agent, North Carolina

“I love yoga! Regardless of my age, our yoga practice has helped me feel stronger. Parama is a great instructor. She maintains a good pace throughout the sequence of postures with excellent descriptions and directions.” —D.M., Hotel Resort Owner, Belize

Try a class! Join a wellness retreat in the Mexico or Belize

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