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Parama w Sammie at Nancy'sAs author of the eBook series Life Readings: Know Your Mission, it is an honor to offer Life Readings to my friends around the world.

View a sample Life Reading.

Here is how to request your Life Reading: Write down a specific question or questions you have about something you are currently dealing with in your life. Life Readings often address the following topics: health issues, relationships, difficult decisions, life transitions, stressful situations, death and dying, interpersonal conflicts, achieving one’s goals, spirituality, etc…. Please provide a brief 2-3 sentence background about your current life situation to give a context for your question or questions. Please fill out the contact form below:

Your Life Reading may contain the following information:

  1. A sequence of images, information, and/or visual symbols that contain important information for your life.
  2. A personalized, written interpretation of the information in your reading.
  3. Practical suggestions on how you can apply the reading to your everyday life to improve your relationships, health and wellbeing.

Due to high demand, please understand that it may take up to 5 business days for me to prepare and send you your Life Reading. I appreciate your patience. If you feel that your Life Reading has been beneficial to you, I invite you to consider providing a testimonial.

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