How to strike a balance between work and play

This week I used the STAR (Self-Administered Tool for Awareness and Relaxation) to help me focus on positive affirmations and accomplish important goals. Here are excerpts from my daily STAR journal:

  • I balance work and play.
  • I am prepared for the future.
  • I am clear about what I want and need.
  • I have all I need.
  • I share openly.
  • I take it slow and steady.
  • I surrender to what is.

I made prayer cards based on these affirmations to focus my daily prayer on what is most important to me for my loved ones, the Earth, and myself at this time.

Each day I identified at least 1 achievable goal based on my affirmations. Here is what I accomplished this week:

  • Inventoried my emergency supply kit.
  • Designed a weekly schedule to organize and publish blogs.
  • Transcribed recorded voice memos.