Parama lured onto boat

The devil

beguiled me

by his beauty

I drank his wine

I ate from his hand

He lured me into his bed

He took me

He lulled me to sleep

whispering promises

he knew I wanted to hear

When I finally awoke

I made a pact with God:

No man

will ever 

desecrate me


No good man


Parama in head wrap on bus

“It used to be

so simple,” he said

(Ephesians: “Wives, submit yourselves

to your own husbands 

as you do

to the Lord”)


“Bullshit,” I said

“It’s all fucked up now”

(I tried that. It failed.)


I’d love to belong to some man

to be his submissive wife

if there was a man out there

with his shit together

enough to provide for me

and to make me want

to submit to him


Until then

he said, “You have to wear the pants”

because I’m a woman 

without a man