Honor your unique gifts, regardless of what others think

bird-singing copyM— writes,

I am feeling very depressed. I recently had surgery and I’m doing okay. However, I feel emptiness and anxiety. I have studied with a medium for 15 years. She recently passed away. I feel I did not progress enough. I need guidance.

Dear M—,

Patterns of behavior have a way of repeating themselves to solidify into a nexus of self-destructive beliefs and concepts that originate from a desire for belonging, approval, and acceptance within a sociocultural context.

We are a collective of angelic beings who protect and guide humanity on a course of evolution that has always and will always continue by the grace of the One Creator in All whose unconditional, loving presence is the prime directive for all life to proceed onward in evolutionary upgrades to higher and higher frequencies of energy.

Avoid negativity, dearest one. Surround yourself with people who support and nurture you in your fullness—people who inspire and uplift you. When you set this mindful intention in your life to be uplifted by your surroundings and the company you keep, you will find that your social circles change: old friends vanish, and new ones appear, seemingly out of nowhere; to help you, to show you something new, to awaken something within you…. Be open and receptive to the blessing of new people coming into your life.


You must try going to new places where you’ve been reluctant to go before, while you’ve been locked into a routine that has become dull and stifling to you. This includes restaurants, music performances, church social events, exercise classes, and cultural events. Be on the lookout for notices about these happenings in your area, and we could also encourage you to consider traveling to a foreign country—Have you considered the islands of Crete?—for rest, renewal, and spiritual connection. Blessings await you there.

As for your previous “studies with a medium”, it is clear that you are a medium, and you must cultivate your special gift. Why are you afraid of it? …because of how others will react? …what they will think? …how the religious authorities would condemn and admonish you?

Ask yourself: Do you want to live your life for someone else, to fulfill other peoples’ standards and expectations, or do you want to live your life fully as who you are, regardless of what the people around you want you to be?

For years you’ve compromised an important and powerful gift that has been given to you by God to help many people. We recognize that mediumship has been vilified and ill reputed. We find this to be a misfortune for humanity. Mediums can serve as tools of God for humanity’s uplifting at this time, a gift that can only be received by highly attuned, sensitive people like yourself—a gift that must be treasured, nurtured, cultivated.

Be brave, dear one—and find the company of friends and places where you can comfortably immerse yourself in a deepening of your studies.

There’s no conflict of interest between being a medium and worshiping God in whatever way you’ve embraced in your life. Ignore the negativity from those who fear that which they do not understand. Trust yourself, and honor yourself.

Consider spending more time watching videos of people who inspire you and whom you admire in your chosen field of study. You seek to progress in your understanding and practice. It appears there will be a special retreat on the Island of Crete where you will discover much in the way of renewed insights, inspiration, and deeper understanding.

Pay more attention to how you communicate with your immediate family members, especially your husband. There are patterns you’ve fallen into that negate your wholeness and beauty. When he speaks to you negatively, try ignoring or deflecting his comments by focusing on the positive. Smile more (even if you have to fake it). The point is this: Avoid engaging him in a downward spiral of negativity that leaves you both feeling drained and discouraged.

An attitude of “I only accept love in my life” might be a good place to start—to hold this intention in your heart and carry it with you throughout your daily activities, including your interactions with close family members.

mother and baby birdThere seems to be ongoing tension and struggle with your oldest son. Is this true? A battle of the wills has been ensuing…. Consider how he could feel that you don’t trust him. He has reached an age where he needs to assert his independence and withdraw from needing you to direct and assist him.

Can you let go more and grant him the opportunity to grow? It’s like a baby bird learning to fly: Momma has to push the baby out of the nest and watch him struggle as he tries to fly. He may not be so good at it, at first. That’s okay. He needs to learn to use his own wings and not depend on yours.

You’ve been an excellent, nurturing mother. We want you to release yourself from believing that you haven’t been good enough. You’ve done everything you can and your love is pure. Trust the love you feel for yourself, your family, for God, from God.

bird flying

Are you singing enough? There was a time when you lifted your voice up to God in heartfelt worship and praise…but not enough lately. Find music you can sing to… Play the music… loudly if you have to… and sing. Sing! Like a bird.

No shame in using your voice for what it is designed to do—express your heart.

We are proud and happy for you in this new growth that you will discover as you bravely try new activities, find new friends, communicate lovingly, and honor your God-given gifts.


Blessings upon you, lovely harbinger of playful, melodious birdsong. Sing! …and soar as high as you want to go!

-End of Life Reading-

I wish you blessings on your life’s journey. Thank you. —Parama


About the Author


Parama K. Williams, MA, LMT, CYT is a published author with a Master of Arts in Education and fifteen years of international experience as a U.S.-Certified/Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. She is an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation.

As the author of Ascended Master Readings, she provides Life Readings to help people find solutions to everyday challenges and to discover their unique life’s mission.

Parama offers therapeutic massage and yoga classes internationally. She currently lives in Central America, where she writes, travels, and offers ongoing classes, workshops, and retreats. 


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Finding peace after the loss of a family member

V— requests a Life Reading, seeking guidance and insights to many questions about personal wellness, marriage, spirituality, and life’s purpose:

birdMy son passed away last year. I’ve had some deep insights into my spirituality and some real indicators to our connectedness to the other side of the veil—an awakening, perhaps.

Why am I so unbelievably exhausted and unmotivated? The exhaustion seems to be getting much worse. Medical tests show that everything is normal. How do I fix this?

I have since had shamanism presented to me numerous times, although I have resisted. I am having trouble finding help on this new path. I feel like I am adrift.

Is this the path meant for me? Will I find a mentor?

And why can’t I seem to find my spirit guides? … Or, have I found them, and I just don’t know it?

I see so many images when I meditate, but I can’t seem to make sense of them all. Even when I’m not meditating; for example, just closing my eyes during emotional moments, I still see images. (I swear, I’m not crazy!)

What am I supposed to do with my life? How do I make my time here on earth meaningful? What’s my purpose, and how do I find the energy to pursue it?

How do I find joy in life again? Everything that’s going on in the world seems too overwhelming. So many bad things are happening…. I sometimes feel nauseous hearing about it on TV or social media, to the point where I’ve stopped watching the news…. I’m seriously considering shutting down my Facebook account. It’s really sickening and heartbreaking—all this hate in the world.

My husband is…. a difficult person. Although, I’m sure I’m difficult too. Am I being selfish when I think about leaving him, or should I just suck it up and try harder? Is this relationship my life lesson in patience and compassion? Is it more honorable to stay together?

In the past, I was intuitive and good at seeing the big picture, but now, I can’t see the forest for all the trees. I used to be really confident and grounded when I was younger, but now, I just feel so off kilter.

What is happening to me?

Life Reading by Parama

wolfYour son’s death has left a void in your external world, but you still feel him on the inner plane. Connections can never be lost.

“Daddy, Mommy,” your son says, “I know you miss me, but I had to leave. It was my time to go. Some people get a whole lifetime—I only got twelve years. I learned what I needed to learn, and you taught me well. I know you wanted to save me, but it was my time to go.

“Please let me go. I want to move on, too. But I can’t, because you are holding on so tight to your guilt – wishing you could have saved me.

“Let me fly! I want to fly. When you look up and see a bird with its wings outstretched, hovering above you, you’ll know it’s a sign from my spirit, having united with the Almighty One God.

“Remember me, but let me go—let me fly—let me be free and live forever in your hearts. Mommy, Daddy—one day we will reunite. I know, because the angels tell me so. And we will be happy together, forever with God.

“Take down my bedroom, my play toys, the favorite truck of mine that always makes you cry, and please, for my sake, give it away to a charity so that some other child can play the way I once did. This will please me, bring me joy, and help set our spirits free.

“Please… I want to see you happy again. I want to see you play together the way you used to play with me.

“You can’t make me come back, but you can be happy now. You have each other, and that’s a gift from God. I’ll never forget you, … ever, ever.”

The spirit of the wolf walks with you and protects you. The wolf is a fierce guardian of what you hold dear. Ask for protection and guidance from God, and then close your eyes, listen, and pay attention. A wolf—a guardian spirit gifted to you from God—is a fearless, loyal, dedicated provider and protector for you, especially as you consider bringing another child into your family. You will know when you are ready.

An unhealthy substance addiction has sapped you of energy and consumed your creativity. Seek support to free yourself from these chains. Ask God to help you…. Cry out if you must.

Have you let yourself cry over the loss of your son?

Find a loving, supportive friend from your local community whom you trust. You’ve known this person a long time, and she has great wisdom and a deep understanding of who you are. Ask her to listen to you talk about your substance addiction. Receive her unconditional love and support. Rely on her whenever you feel tempted to indulge.

Drowning out the pain cannot make it go away. Denial can only amplify your pain, until it consumes you—all of you. Will you let this happen? You don’t want to feel your pain, so you have found a way to justify your addiction, as if you were entitled to indulge in self-destructive behaviors.

This is extremely taxing to your nervous system, throws your hormones off balance, and exhausts you.

The time has come to fervently—Start now—seek healthy outlets to vent your emotions, which you’ve managed with great effort to stuff deep inside of yourself.

Using your chosen art medium, capture the images you see in meditation or when your eyes are closed. Give the images your own expression: Give them a voice, a shape, and free them from being trapped inside of you.

A new dance can only begin when you’re willing—and ready—to let go of whatever’s holding you back, get up, and embrace your dance partner.

people-dancing-silhouette-icon-25When you first met your partner, you used to dance, play, and explore together. You’ve stopped taking the time to enjoy being together.

Ask God to renew and rebuild your life. Regenerate yourself and your relationship through God’s love and your love for each other. You can do this. What seems to be “difficult” about your relationship will transform as you express yourself more and more.

Unburden yourself from guilt.

Rely on trustworthy friends to help you. Don’t expect your partner to fulfill your needs for support. It’s too much right now. If you build a solid support network for yourself outside of your primary partnership, then over time, you will find that your marriage improves, your perceptions change, and you will be able to enjoy life together, as you once did.

Be patient in your relationship, and do your fair share. You’ve both been struggling, so do not add more burden by expecting the other person to save you from your pain. You must do this work for yourself, in your own heart, with the help of God and your trusted support network.

Have you and your partner considered building a new house or an addition to your house? This could be helpful for you to do together: a collaborative project, creating something new together.

dust-devil-vs-tall-bike-burning-man-2010Consider a vacation getaway with your partner soon. This will help you find new perspectives, as well as giving you needed time alone together. You’ve been vying for many peoples’ attention in personal and professional matters, leaving you little energy to focus on each other’s needs.

Don’t let other people compete for your attention: You must choose where and to whom you will give your attention. Start with yourself and God.

You have done well to maintain professionalism and commendable performance at work. Continue to apply yourself in your craft, for your work serves as an outlet for your creativity—a means by which you can reconnect with your joy … You must ask for this…. You must make the necessary adjustments in your work routines, schedules, and workspace to allow for uncensored, raw, unlimited self-expression.

You’ve been holding back too much, denying yourself the opportunity to unleash your passion in your life, because you fear rejection or judgment from others. Ask yourself, “Is this worth it? What do I gain by giving into my fears that others will judge me?”

bikeA new bicycle awaits you and needs repair. Start there. Design the bike according to your own specifications and paint it however you desire. Let the bike be a metaphor for your own body…. Build yourself a new body, a renewal in the spirit of God’s love, in self-love.

Love yourself as God loves you, and do not deny yourself the blessing of joy and lightheartedness! When is the last time you had a cathartic belly laugh with friends over some hilarious joke, a story… a movie? Seek out the opportunity to laugh more! Watch funny YouTube videos if you must—anything to get your body convulsing in fits of laughter!

Whether alone or with trusted friends, your laughter will bring you to tears…. will lead you to anger… will open the door for forgiveness… and will, finally, give you peace.

By the time you parade your new, decked-out bicycle through the streets of your summertime celebration, you will be ready to meet a special person who will become a teacher and mentor for your spiritual path.

Look out for signposts pointing the way.

Of course, you will know when you have met your teacher, who will appear at first to be a “nobody” (almost invisible), but as soon as you engage in a conversation, his words will speak to your heart. You will feel refreshed in his company, enlivened by his energy, and inspired by his example.

Life has many twists and turns. One thing leads to another. Nothing is ever lost—not even the people who’ve come into our lives for some time, then gone away.

We are all precious pearls on the same string, coiling and spiraling itself through space, keeping us eternally connected through the unconditional, divine, perfect love of our One Creator, the One God who knows all. Trust in this always.

-End of Life Reading-

I wish you blessings on your life’s journey. Thank you for writing. —Parama

Connecting with nature to regain balance and feel joy

ski chalet

This reader requested a Life Reading to address how he has been feeling lack of joy in his life, a sense of physical and mental imabalance, low energy, and a sense of wanting to define his life purpose.  He writes,

  • What can I do in order to feel more joy in my life?
  • What should I do with my life?
  • I’m feeling totally lost, almost as if I lack the feeling of being a part of a greater purpose.
  • I also wonder about my health. I’ve been going for a few general check-ups, but all seems okay. I’m feeling tired and lack energy most of the time.

The following symbols, images, and other information appeared to Parama in this Life Reading:

  1. The bottom of a foot
  2. A tuning fork
  3. The message, “Go to a chalet in Switzerland”
  4. An image of a succession of people handing down hereditary information in a generational line
  5. The insight that you heard or witnessed a traumatic event while you were young
  6. The following message, “Become a ski instructor. Teach groups of kids how to ski.”
  7. The instruction to sit and observe
  8. The following instruction, “Set boundaries around what you are listening to.” The image that accompanied this instruction was of an ear canal leading to the core of the brain.
  9. The following message, “You move so fast, you don’t give people a chance to see who you are.”
  10. The instruction to walk on rocks
  11. The instruction or guidance to spend less time in the gym and more time lifting heavy things in nature
  12. The guidance to find a job that doesn’t require a lot of driving
  13. The guidance to find a job you can walk to
  14. The guidance to eat root vegetables, such as turnips, carrots, and beets
  15. The message, “Outdoor sports”
  16. An image of a person whose lower body was in the shape of a funnel with energy going down and out the funnel
  17. The phrase, “Kids’ coach”
  18. The following phrase, “Life is so much more than struggling to keep your head above water.”
  19. The following phrase, “Let go of things needing to be a struggle.”
  20. The following guidance: “Putting energy and attention to one area of your life doesn’t have to be at the expense of other areas. Life is a holistic balance. When you improve one area, all others improve equally.”

The following interpretation explains each of these symbols, their meanings, and how this information can be applied in everyday life: Dear Loved One, This reading covers a few general categories. One category this reading addresses is guidance for changes you can make in your daily life: how you live, how you eat, how you work, and what you spend much of your daily time doing. Guidance for changing the outward conditions of your daily life is one category for this reading. A second category that this reading covers is some information about what your underlying needs are at this time and some of the reasons for the physical, mental imbalance, lack of joy, and low energy you’re experiencing. The third category that comes through in this reading is for guidance and encouragement for you to do specific things that will provide healing and can potentially open doors for you in making the kinds of life changes that are healthy for you at this time.

Let’s look at symbol number one, the bottom of a foot. The foot is where your body connects with the earth. The Garifuna, a traditional culture that lives in the area where we now live, believes that the sole of the foot is the actual location of the soul, and that they body connects with the soul through the sole of the foot. The foot is not only the way that the individual connects with the earth, but the sole itself is a symbol of being grounded, being solid, and having a connection with the earth and with all the energy and resources that you need in order to be happy, healthy, and whole.  This is a primary message in your life reading. You are being shown that a major cause of the lack of joy and the physical and mental imbalance, and to some extent, the low energy that you’re feeling is due to a weak connection with the earth and the earth’s energetic field. This is something that you can correct with not much effort, fortunately, and in the following symbols, we will explore how you are specifically being guided as to how you can do that.

The next symbol in the reading is a tuning fork. A tuning fork is used to tune a musical instrument so that it vibrates on the right frequencies and produces harmonious tones when played. Another aspect of what you are being guided to do in general at this time is to tune your life. You are going to bring your life in tune with what your highest guidance sees as your optimal expresssion of your life experience.

Next, we have symbol number three: the statement, “Go to a chalet in Switzerland.” A chalet seems like a good place for you to be, because it could provide you a combination of things that would be very helpful for you at this time. Let’s go to those connecting symbols right now. Symbol number six, the guidance, “Become a ski instructor. Teach groups of kids how to ski.”

Number seven: “Sit and observe.” Number eight: “Set boundaries around what you’re willing to listen to.” Number eleven: “Spend less time in the gym and more time lifting heavy things in nature.” Number twelve: “Find a job that doesn’t require a lot of driving.” Number thirteen: “Find a job you can walk to.” Number fifteen, “Outdoor sports.”

Number seventeen: “Kids’ coach.” And number twenty, “Life is a holistic balance. When you improve one area, all others improve equally.” Our sense is that going to a chalet in Switzerland can help you to make a lot of progress in all of these areas. It sounds from the information in your reading like you are spending a considerable amount of time driving in your car, going to a work situation that fulfills your physical needs but does nothing for your soul, that leaves you feeling disconnected from the earth, where you experience winding up your days feeling physically exhausted and emotionally drained, and sort of looking out the window wondering if there’s more to life  and how on earth you could access that.

The guidance indicates that you would do well to make some radical changes in your life. One of these would be about the way your support yourself, how you make a living. Generally, you’ll benefit from being outdoors rather than inside a building wherever you work. You will benefit from having contact with nature. You will benefit from an environment where you will be drawn toward falling into synch with the rhythms of nature rather than the higher paced, artificial rhythms of man.

A chalet in Switzerland could potentially provide you a work opportunity combined with a living situation that will put you in closer contact with nature. It will take you out of needing to be in your car a lot to go to your job, and it will help you to address the low energy that you have been feeling. We want to help you get your feet on the ground more so that you are in direct contact with the earth. Now, this doesn’t mean that if there is a meter of snow on the ground, that you are walking around barefoot. It means that you are feeling the fresh air, you are directly looking upon mountains and natural feature, and yes, when you can, you are in direct contact with the ground and things from nature.

Eating root vegetables will help as well. Take stock of what root vegetables are available fresh in the area where you live, and I’d encourage you, in place of eating out or eating processed foot at home, go to the market and get a few pounds of root vegetables, like beets, rutebagas , turnips, parsnips, carrots, yucca root, whatever is growing in your area that is available. Take them home, boil them up, and make a delicious vegetable soup. You can eat the cooked vegetables and drink the broth that they are in. This in itself with help you ground, connect with the earth, build up personal energy, and feel more grounded and stable.

I’d especially encourage you to try cooking a pot where you allow the flavor of the root vegetables themselves to come through. You can add a little bit of salt, but try eating the soup with a minimum of strong flavoring ingredients. This is part of the strategy to get you to connect with the earth more. By eating root vegetables, that is a strategy to connect with the earth through your diet.

There is also the guidance to walk on rocks. This is something that you can do as an exercise: Find a natural area near where you live, and it will be important for you to allow yourself the luxury of spending some time alone in nature. I am talking about unstructured time. I am talking about time other than skiing, or teaching skiing, or going on an organized hike. I am talking about time where you can just be in nature one-on-one with the earth, where you can actually feel and connect with the earth.

Create a time and place when you can be out in nature and during that time, I would like for you to remove all your footwear, and simply spend some time walking slowly and gently over rocks. They can be pebbles, they can be medium size rocks, or they can be larger rocks. Just allow yourself to feel the surface, the texture, and the temperature of the rocks on your bare feet. This is an experience that will help you to connect your soul with the earth and to harmonize your internal process with the rhythms of the earth. This will help you to regain the balance that you are seeking.

Why is it important for you to seek balance in your life at this time? Your reading indicates that you bore witness to a traumatic event when you were young. Whether you have any recall of a traumatic experience from your youth or not is of no importance. Bearing witness to a traumatic event as a child is energetically similar to being uprooted, being disconnected from your normal, healthy source of life and sustenance. Helping to bring you back in balance is the guidance in this reading, to connect with nature and give yourself more opportunities to have more direct contact with nature.

Symbol number seven is the guidance to sit and observe. I’d like for you to imagine yourself being outside alone in nature in a tranquil place that you find pleasant. I’d like for you to imagine yourself barefoot, seated directly on the ground, either on some grass or maybe on some rocks. Flowing water is nearby; you can hear it trickling, and you are simply sitting there. All of your senses are open and aware to the subtle wonders of nature. Imagine yourself simply being there with the elements in nature, with no need to follow a clock, no need to do anything, no need to account for what you’ve been doing. Simply to be there.

I’d like for you to put this vision in motion by taking the time to go out and be in nature like I’ve described. This will help to elevate your energy and improve your physical and mental balance. In subtle ways, it will also inform filling yourself with joy and connecting with your life purpose. It is through direct contact with nature that we become clear to the subtle guidance we are receiving from the divine source that intelligently guides all life. Now, let’s turn to what you can do in the company of others when you are in social situations. What can you do that will help you achieve your stated goals?

Symbol number eight is the guidance to set boundaries around what you are willing to listen to, with an image of the ear canal leading to the core of the brain. This symbol is directly connected with symbol number sixteen: A person with a lower body in the shape of a funnel with energy going out. You’ve been allowing yourself to be a sort of dumping ground for emotional toxicity for people. You’ve been allowing people to vent their anger and frustrations in your presence, which is in itself not a bad thing if done in moderation and with respect for your own energetic needs and your ability to receive. However, the symbols indicate that you have been receiving this kind of emotional negativity in a way that enervates you rather than lends you support in building your skills as a pillar within your community.

The reading indicates that you are holding a couple of beliefs that would further enervate you during the course of your daily life. Symbol number eighteen: “Life is so much more than keeping your head above water.” Symbol nineteen, “Let go of things needing to be a struggle.”

Symbol twenty: “Putting energy and attention to one area of your life doesn’t have to be at the expense of other areas. Life is a holistic balance. When you improve one area, all others improve equally.” People in the industrialized world have been taught from birth that they can expect life to be a struggle. They have to work in jobs that they don’t like to get money that they have to exchange for basic things they need in order to live. Industrialized people have been taught collectively that life is a struggle and that it has to be a struggle. You are being encouraged to break free from this cultural programming. You are free to set your own values and find your own way in this life. You don’t have to buy into the general misconceptions of those in your family and those in your community.

The reading is indicating that you should consider a career move and or adding extra-curricular activities that would put you in contact with nature an be in a mentor role. We received the messages, “Outdoor sports” and “Kids’ coach,” along with symbols twelve and thirteen: “Find a job you can walk to. … A job that doesn’t require a lot of driving.” Symbol number six: “Become a ski instructor. Teach groups of kids how to ski.” I’d encourage you to follow up on the ski instructor guidance. Why not look up the chalets near where you live? Maybe you could take a visit to one and check out the programs they have to offer. I think you could find a place where you would enjoy working there, being in a mentor role, being outside in nature, and meeting all of your material needs by having a job that you feel good about that contrubutes to your health.

Symbol number nine: “You move so fast, you don’t give people a chance to see who you are.” The modern industrial lifestyle encourages people to move so fast, that they don’t have the resources needed to form strong, healthy relationships with the other humans in their communities. We believe that this is an intentional part of the design of industrial life that undermines the ability for people to have strong social connections, so they are more dependent on a large, centralized operation for their basic survival.

You are being guided in this reading to go against that dysfunctional social programming by taking opportunities to slow down. Do not be afraid to let people discover who you are by being in contact with them. Give people an opportunity to know you. Give people an opportunity to reflect on what you have to say. Give yourself an opportunity to reflect on what others have to say. Spending some unstructured time in nature, as I have recommended, will actually help to prepare you to listen and to be more present for people in social settings.

Symbol number four: A succession of people who are passing down the same traits to each new successive generation. In addition to having witnessed a traumatic event while young, the reading indicates that you have also inherited the disposition to be encountering the challenges you are facing right now: Something has come to you from your family line that makes these challenges part of what you’re here to work on in this lifetime. It’s helpful for you to be aware of this at this time.

In summary, your life doesn’t need to be a struggle. You can become a living example of balance in body, mind and spirit — a living example of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health — by following the guidance that we have discussed. You can find a more balanced, healthy, and peaceful life by honoring your connection with the earth, by finding a meaningful way to perform your work activities that puts you in direct contact with nature, by activating your capacity to lead and to be a mentor, and by giving yourself a chance to be seen.

-End of Life Reading-

Blessings to you on your life’s journey. Thank you for writing.  –Parama

Overcoming obstacles to put your life, house, and relationships in order

dragon fly and lily

This reader requested a Life Reading to answer urgent questions about relationship, spirituality, and how to earn money:

  • What would you recommend I need to change or do so I can find a good relationship?
  • I am currently starting to move more quickly in the right spiritual direction. Any advice on what I should focus on the most so I don’t get misled off the right path?
  • Do you have any advice on what I need to do or how I can remove my karmic debt, as I seem to be experiencing problem after problem and finding it difficult to make and keep money?

Parama received the following symbols and phrases in this reading:

  • A racer tilted forward on the saddle of a racehorse on the racetrack (a static image, not a moving image)
  • Sled dogs pulling a sled
  • A downhill skier racing down a steep slope
  • A fully blossomed lily
  • A dragon fly
  • A wagon with a hitch not hitched to anything
  • A quill pen resting in an ink well
  • “Write your partner a letter in your own handwriting.”
  • “Listen when people talk to you. Really think about what they’ve said before you respond.”
  • The opening scene (when the curtains part for the first time) of a live theater performance in a spacious theater with red velvet curtains
  • “Take your partner to a live theater performance in a fancy theater.”
  • “Adopt a puppy and learn to train it. This will be an important lesson in waiting to get your partner pregnant until you’re ready.”
  • “We are very pleased that you are on the path. Remember there is always higher to go, higher to look. Don’t settle for what is comfortable.”
  • “Invest in a new camera with better resolution.”
  • “Create cleanliness and organization in your home, especially your bedroom.”
  • “Put plants in your house.”
  • “Surround yourself with nature.”
  • “Find something to hitch your wagon to.”

The following interpretation explains each of these symbols, their meanings, and how this information can be applied in everyday life:

Thank you for requesting a Life Reading. It looks like you’ve been taking actions to move your life in a more positive direction. This reading will help you focus those actions so that you can more readily accomplish your goals and be on track for the next set of spiritual lessons that you are ready for.

A racer tilted forward on the saddle of a racehorse on the racetrack This indicates the idea of forward action but not actual forward action. So there are ideas forming in your mind of how you can progress in your life and do what you need to do, but right now they’re really just ideas. The symbol is indicating that you are going to need to pick something and “make it real”. The action that you have to take is like going from a photograph of a horse jockey to being on an actual racehorse in a race. You have the concept. You have some right ideas that will work for you. Now you need to go and do them.

Sled dogs pulling a sled Sled dogs are a symbol of working together as a team. Also, secondarily, “over a long haul”. This symbol addresses all three of your questions. You are going to need to discover how to work as part of a team that actually works together, sometimes very closely, to get things done.

A downhill skier racing down a steep slope This symbol is about being focused and deliberate in what you do. A downhill skier in motion is focused and deliberate and completely in the action. It’s not conceptual; it’s the natural result of being in step with your intentions and the results that come from alignment with your intentions and your actions.

A fully blossomed lily A lily derives its nutrients from muddy standing water. The lily is a symbol of taking your inner spiritual work and transforming it into a full, beauteous, unique expression of your gifts. This symbol indicates that the struggles that you have been going through and are going through now are raw materials for a full expression of your true gifts to come. The way to look at your struggles is that they are nourishing you deep down, that you may grow and form the fullest expression of your unique gifts, so that your unique gifts are “in full flower”.

“Invest in a new camera with better resolution.” This can be taken both as a specific instruction (find and buy a new camera) and as a symbolic message. In order to be the kind of team player that you are being called on in order to realize your ambitions, you are going to need to invest energy and awareness in becoming more sensitive to the emotional nuances in the environments in which you live and work. The way to do this right now is to “Listen when people talk to you. Really think about what they’ve said before you respond.” You’ve been attempting to fill all the spaces, and it doesn’t work. This is reflected in the clutter in your house and the seeming difficulty in being where you want to be as far as relationships go.

A dragonfly The symbol indicates that you are being gently summoned to become more aware of your spirituality. “Create cleanliness and organization in your home, especially your bedroom.” View cleaning clutter as a spiritual exercise – an exercise in discovering what is truly important to you. If you can, enlist the help of someone else to help you follow through with this. For example, you might tell a friend that you have set a stretch goal for yourself to clean and organize your bedroom by this day next week. Pick a date by which you can do it, then have your friend follow up with you on that day to make sure that you’re doing it and hold you accountable if you don’t follow through.

“Put plants in your house.” Plants are protectors. Not only can they help clean your environment in your home, but they will also absorb some of the impact from unhelpful energies that may be directed toward you. Plants will brighten up your house, help you feel more in connection with nature, and will ground you in a regular “devotional practice” of watering and caring for your plants.

“Surround yourself with nature.” In addition to bringing live plants into your home, make it a point to go out and be in natural places that you enjoy.

A wagon with a hitch not hitched to anything. “Find something to hitch your wagon to.” You seem to have good ideas and the ability to follow through with them, but you lack direction. Your guides are happy that you are embracing the spiritual path more in your life. One of the things that your spiritual awakening can help you realize is a good and fulfilling focus for your life.

A quill pen resting in an ink well “Write your partner a letter in your own handwriting.” You know whom this is meant for. Write from the heart rather than attempting to promote yourself. Share with your partner what you would really like. Don’t seek anything specific from your partner in this letter. Just say what you would like to have in your life. The more straightforward and personal, the better. This is not the place for romantic sonnets or entreaties for love. Keep it real and honest.

“Listen when people talk to you. Really think about what they’ve said before you respond.” You will get better at this with practice. Try it out the next time you are at a social gathering. When you go to a gathering to practice this, make it a point to remain silent longer than you normally would and let the other person talk more. Let them keep going. Don’t jump in and say anything. Watch what happens.

The opening scene (when the curtains part for first time) of a live theater performance in a spacious theater with red velvet curtains “Take your partner to a live theater performance in a fancy theater.” “Adopt a puppy and learn to train it. This will be an important lesson in waiting to get your partner pregnant until you’re ready.” Perhaps you’ve been thinking that somehow having a child with your partner will “cement” things. It is an awesome responsibility to bring new life onto the planet. The culture you find yourself in pays little respect to the importance of parenting a child with the intention to support and raise that child to maturity. These shared cultural values are not working out so well for anyone, even the parents who seem to “get off scot free.” If you are truly interested in having a child, take the initial step of bringing a puppy into your life. Get a young pup that has just finished weaning and needs to be trained in everything, including being housebroken, what to chew on and what not to chew on, not to bite people, how to walk on a leash, responding to commands and hand signals, etc. If after five or six months of training and caring for your puppy, you still have the desire to have a child, you will do so having some small indication of the level of commitment it will take to bring another human being into this world with strength and with love.

“We are very pleased that you are on the path. Remember there is always higher to go, higher to look. Don’t settle for what is comfortable.” Once you have mastered the set of lessons before you, the next set of lessons will appear. There is never an “end” to the spiritual path. Whenever you feel as though you have mastered the present set of teachings and life seems to be going well, know that a new set of teachings will soon appear and that what you found comfortable will now become the starting point for a new threshold of spiritual realization for you.

-End of interpretation-

Blessings to you on your life’s journey. Thank you for writing.  –Parama

Why we suffer and how to stop it

Photo credit: ascensionearth2012.org

Photo credit: ascensionearth2012.org

Earth is a well loved place. Ascended beings send beams of light from all directions onto the planet to create a shield of protection and a constant source of loving, healing energy.

It is well known that Earth is a difficult place to be. Humans have chosen to come here to “experience themselves”, to individuate, and in so doing, to forget their inherent oneness with all of creation. Under the illusion of separation, humans are subjected to lifetimes of suffering, until finally they once again realize their oneness with all of creation.

It is no small feat to have incarnated as a human on Earth. To be human is a post that is highly respected by beings of light and coveted by beings of darkness who would seek to enjoy the worldly pleasures that only humans can experience.

The ascended beings respect and love us because they recognize our suffering. They see how we are trapped in a world of duality and must struggle through lifetimes of incarnations before we can enter the heavenly realms. They know that although we once made the choice to come here, we are now lost in amnesia. This is why they have such deep love, respect and compassion for us.

The beings of light know that humans are limited by their own forgetfulness and are forced to enjoy only what worldly pleasures can bring. Yet the ascended masters know that there is so much more to be experienced and that material enjoyment is but a drop in the eternal sea of endless bliss that is all of creation.

We truly are made in the image of God. In other words, we have the potential for perfection: perfect love, perfect knowledge, perfect bodies, a perfect world. Yet in our state of drunken stupor with temporary material pleasures, we are forced to experience all manner of suffering, so long as we keep choosing to lord it over this material world. We suffer because we seek to enjoy only for ourselves. We forget about others – all the other beings who are also made in the image of God. We are forced to see all those other people as a reflection of how we see ourselves, which is a projection based on what we have done, what we have said, and what we have thought about up till now.

And so we go on planting the seeds for how we perceive ourselves, how we perceive others, and how we perceive the world around us by our very actions, words and thoughts. As humans, we can choose to plant seeds of our own suffering, or we can choose to plant seeds of our own happiness.

That we have access to such a myriad of choices and a range of dualistic experiences commands great respect and deep compassion from beings of light who watch over us. They are a constant loving presence to bear witness to our activities.

To awaken is to remember and reconnect with our inherent potential for divine perfection. To awaken is to remember that we did not come here for selfish enjoyment: We are here to help each other stop suffering.

Imagine a world where each person’s only concern is to make the other person happy, where everyone goes out of their way to provide for the needs of the people around them. Wouldn’t that be something we could call paradise? Heaven: a place where only God would live. Precisely.

To awaken is to realize oneself to be such a perfect reflection of God that there is no difference between oneself and God. In a perfect world, how could there be any separation of perfect oneness into parts of a whole?

The hollow reed: Unpacking dimensions of meaning from a vision quest

hollow reed

A Life Reading is a therapeutic process using intuition and access to subtle energies for the purpose of receiving real-time information and guidance for the life an individual or an organization. Here’s how it works: I enter into a meditative state in which I receive distinct impressions about an individual or organization. I often receive still images or sequences of movie-like images in response to whatever questions I ask with the intention to receive guidance, insights, and solutions for a range of issues along the life path.

In this reading, an abstract symbol — a hollow reed — appeared that had many dimensions of meaning packed into it. This one symbol illustrates how an abstract symbol in a reading can have multiple dimensions of meaning. The reading contained a total of six symbols, and this was one of those six symbols.

The first symbol that appeared to me was “an open-faced cylinder that was rotating from left to right, back and forth, back and forth.” That is the information that we started with. Right here, we have a lot of possibilities. If it is a recognizable object, that will give us one level of meaning. If it is a completely abstract object, then we still can unpack information from things such as, How long is it? How thick is it? What kind of surface does the cylinder have? Is there anything in the cylinder? Is there a color to the cylinder? Is there an opacity? Is the whole cylinder moving? Is it rotating? Is it sweeping from side to side, or is it doing kind of a rolling motion? All of these details give possibly new information that will lead us to the full meaning packed into the original symbol.

There are some standard meanings for cylindrical symbols that we get from Native American symbols that we could call the “hollow bone” or the “hollow reed”. A “hollow bone” or a “hollow reed” describes the function of humans to be a conduit for highly spiritual information coming from the creator and entering the realm of Earth. When humans recognize themselves as healers, their real work is to become that “hollow bone” or “hollow reed”. So the idea is that as a “hollow bone” or a “hollow reed”, we set our egoic pursuits aside in order to allow ourselves to be vessels through which spiritual information from a higher source enters the realm of humanity. That energy blows through us as wind through a hollow bone or a hollow reed.

There was nothing special about the length. It wasn’t especially short, especially long, or especially thick. No particular color, no particular texture. It could be a perfect tube that is open on the inside. Next, he asked questions about the movement. In my vision I could see that the reed was moving from side to side, back and forth. The reed was moving from a central point, pointing up toward me, facing me, and drawing an arc like a small hill from left to right, and then the same shape from right to left. An arc drawn from left to right, and then another arc from right to left, where the reed moved up and then back down to the same height on the other end. It had two end points, a left end point and a right end point, and was a little bit higher in the middle. It never varied from this; it simply kept moving back and forth, back and forth.

In this symbol, we now have a left end point and a right end point for the transit of the reed. Left and right have special meanings. Right signifies the right side of the body, which includes the analytical capabilities, the abstract capabilities, and capabilities typically associated with the masculine. This would include analyzing, planning, executing a plan, undertaking a task, fulfilling a mission. Things involved with going out, seeking a resource, and doing some action out in the world. The left side is the feminine side, and it reflects the emotional, the intuitive, where the work involved is about fostering communication, nurturing, building community, supporting, holding space, and creating nourishing environments. These are all qualities on the left side. The reed was transiting from left to right and left to right.

There was a natural arc in the transit of the reed. An arc is a basic symbol that describes any kind of a journey, such as a life journey, an actual physical journey with a beginning, a middle, and an end, a story line with a beginning, middle and an end. There was an arc and then there were end points, the left and right. The symbol indicated that my healing work was being expressed in three primary ways within this particularly challenging environment that the reading was about. There was a left end point, a transit in the middle, and then there was a right end point. When we looked at the qualities of the left side of the brain: analytical, working with spreadsheets, working with numbers, working with plans, that kind of thing, it turned out that there was activity in my life that corresponded to left brain where there were discrete tasks that I would be frequently called upon to do that were within the domain of my environment.

Then I considered the right end point. As an intuitive therapist, my work involves spiritual work where I receive intuitive information about my clients. So the right transit point had represented the activities associated with the right side of the brain. Now for the arc in the middle: most of the time of the transit of the reed was spent in movement rather than being at one of the end points.

As a therapist, I had actually been thinking about my work as primarily the left- brained, analytical work, or the right-brained work, which was the more intuitive, insightful work; when most of the time of the reed was actually spent moving from one side to the other. Within this environment that I was asking about in the reading, my work in those two principle areas was frequently interrupted by a whole ongoing cavalcade of events, from disturbances in the environment to personal issues needing to be resolved with people in the environment, to the environment itself.

There were constant demands on me that frequently would pull me away from these two loci of work that I was primarily identifying as my work: the left-brained and the right-brained. It was a helpful insight for me to realize that a significant part of my spiritual work in this environment is to be in the transit from one to the other. Here’s where we get into the arc and the slope of the reed. When the reed was at one or the other end of the arc, it was slightly lower. In other words, the slope was closer to being flat than straight up. In the middle, it was closer to pointing straight up than being flat. In symbolic terminology, the higher something is in elevation or the greater the slope is of a line, the greater the degree of spiritual vibration in the information coming through that symbol.

The slope was a positive slope on the ends, but it went up even higher in the middle. This indicated that in terms of my work of being a “hollow reed” – a conduit for higher order spiritual information to enter the realm of humanity — that I was not actually doing my discreet work in either the left space or the right space, but while I was in transit amongst all the things happening. While in transit, this was where the fullest expression of that higher spiritual energy was coming through. This proved to be a revelation for me and significantly helped to quell some of my concerns and fears about being in this environment.

For example, I was thinking of all the interruptions and changes in the environment, the personalities moving through, and all the cavalcade of activity in the busy environment as being colossal distractions that prevented me from being effective. The symbol in this reading indicated, however, that it was in those moments where I was in the midst of transiting from one activity to the next in this constant sort of flow where the highest frequency of spiritual expression was actually occurring.

So, it turns out that among the things that I was doing in this environment is to actually be a model of how to move deftly and flexibly from one discreet activity to the next in a constantly shifting environment involving personalities, egos, changing weather, including intense beating sun and torrential rains and thunder and lightning storms, machines and vehicles that are turning on and off and needing repair and sometimes failing and requiring interventions … lots of things going on. This much information was powerful.

Then there was another dimension still. I asked about the reed, whether it was swaying from side to side or rotating. It turned out that it wasn’t swaying or sweeping, but it was actually rotating. It was as though it was connected to a fixed point in the distance and then would roll, rather than sliding or sweeping, it would roll from side to side along its arc.

Since I have extensive training and background in physical therapy and bodywork, I have a lot of experience teaching people how to maintain flexibility and alacrity in their physical bodies. Now, this symbol of the reed rotating indicated that in my spiritual work in this environment, I am being called upon to transfer what I had learned about remaining deft and light on my feet and able to roll with changing physical conditions: to port that knowledge over into the actual living space itself. And being in that living environment itself. That this was an essential aspect of my work in this environment, to not only learn how to and practice deftly maneuvering from one constantly changing situation to the next, but to model that and to be an exemplar of that by simply doing it.

Let’s review the elements in this one symbol of a single hollow reed rotating from left to right, back and forth, repeatedly. The first layer of information in this symbol was the object itself. While I described it as an open faced cylinder, we recognized the cylinder as a universal symbol that could be represented as a “hollow bone” or a “hollow reed” indicating a spiritual worker, a person who is dedicated to being a conduit for divine intelligence in the human realm. The details of this symbol, specifically, the movement and the rolling action, gave me details about how I was to be that conduit of divine intelligence in the challenging environment that I was requesting information about. The reed was making motions from side to side in an arc.

We’ve identified three stages of the movement of the reed: the left end point, the arc itself, and the right end point as discreet expressions of my work. There was something that was primarily left-brained or masculine type of activity. There was something that was primarily right-brained or primarily feminine kind of activity that is more intuitive or emotional. Then there was the arc itself. The amount of time the reed spent in each of these places indicated the relative amount of time that I spent in each of the three categories. The reed spent most of its time in transit, which told us that while I was able to identify the end points, that the majority of my spiritual work, the work that I was there to do for my learning, was in fact involved with the constant shifting from one activity to the next en route to the discreet activities.

The higher slope indicates greater spiritual awareness, higher vibratory energy in the information. This is also true of altitude. The higher something appears from the ground level in a symbol, the more it encapsulates higher spiritual awareness. These elements all combine in one single symbol to provide several dimensions of meaning that in visioning time occurred within only about five seconds.

The hollow reed is an example of how we can use one single, abstract symbol within a Life Reading to unpack dimensions of meaning for the purpose of providing deeper insight, solutions to life problems, comfort, reassurance, and encouragement along the life’s path.

At any moment, you could be staring death in the face. The dance of life is your dress rehearsal for that moment.

owl's face

Recently diagnosed with cancer, a friend of mine (a man in his late 50’s) requested a Life Reading as he undergoes a spiritual transformation. He is currently making some important decisions that directly impact his family and his lifestyle. The following symbols appeared to Parama in this Life Reading:

  • Close-up to an owl’s face
  • Cross-section of a citrus fruit with clairaudient message, “Eat citrus.”
  • View of a forest canopy, as if lying on a lush, forest floor at base of a tall tree, looking straight up at the tree
  • Still image of the classical “dancing Shiva nataraja,” with the prominent feature of the image being the act of dancing and how Shiva is holding up his foot

The following is a letter I wrote to my friend about these symbols, their meaning, and how this information can be applied in everyday life:

You are now experiencing a major transition in which you must face death directly. The image of the owl’s face appears as very intense and confrontational, not in a threatening way, but in a way that you cannot avoid or ignore. At this time in your life, you are facing your own death.

The image of a sliced citrus fruit and the accompanying message indicates that there may be some health benefit for you to eat citrus at this time. It could also be a symbol of enjoying the fruits of your labor, of seeds that you planted long ago or even recently, which are now showing up in their fullness in your life.

Be mindful of the blessings that come to you, and realize that they are the result of how you’ve lived your life thus far. If you wish to continue enjoying such blessings, then focus on planting more of these seeds in the time you have left on this earth.

Looking up at a tall tree as you lie on a lush forest floor indicates that you would do well to find repose and perhaps a retreat in nature. To connect with nature at this time would be very healing and rejuvenating for you (symbolized by the lush greenness of this natural setting). It will also help you view life from a broad and uplifting perspective (symbolized by “looking up to the heavens”).

The image of a dancing Shiva nataraja signifies that you are now embodying the fullness of your spiritual understanding of reality and ultimate truth. A fully empowered being, Shiva is dancing to remind us of how reality itself is but a dance, a divine play of illusion through which we must all move in order to realize ultimate truth. This indicates that as you face your death, you are being presented with an opportunity to “be in the dance” and gain profound spiritual wisdom.

Consider researching the significance of the “dancing Shiva nataraja” in order to gain a deeper understanding, according to the classical Vedas (scriptures). You may wish to consider how you can share your wisdom with others. Now is the time.

Blessings to you on your life’s journey. Thank you for writing. –Parama