How to transform stress into relaxation

The STAR is an effective, 10-minute process that transforms job-related stress into relaxation, right there in your home or workplace. Stress can turn an otherwise productive day into a long, drawn out nightmare. We’ve all had days like that. The STAR—the Self-Administered Tool for Awareness and Relaxation—is your solution. With the STAR, you can reduce and even eliminate stress and enjoy a full, productive workday: You can be calm and stress-free.

After many years of working in a variety of high-stress jobs, I discovered that there are 3 keys to eliminating stress: Awareness, Attention, and Affirmation. In this introductory program, you will learn how to use the STAR in 10 minutes or less.

How does the STAR work? The STAR is a stress management tool that integrates physical movement, brain-body research, therapeutic touch, and positive affirmations. In this program, you will learn how to use the STAR to increase your awareness of the physical, mental, emotional, and physiological effects of stress. You will experience the connection between your body, mind, breath, and emotions. Using a simple process, you can reduce and eliminate stress.

Transform your work-life into a joyful, fulfilling experience. Let the STAR work for you.

Manage chronic stress before a health crisis emerges.

There are two kinds of stress: healthy stress and unhealthy stress. An example of healthy stress is when the boss gives you a challenging job with a deadline, and you are motivated to get it done. A certain amount of stress can be helpful, but if untreated, stress can be unhealthy.

Unhealthy stress is the chronic kind. Chronic stress causes the continual release of chemicals into the bloodstream over time, leading to chronic illness. In fact, studies show that 90% of all illnesses are caused by stress.

The STAR helps you manage chronic stress so that you can avoid illness and be more productive in your job. Stay tuned for further tips on how to use the STAR.