If you have benefited from my services, I invite you to write a testimonial. Thank you!

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“I want to thank Parama for the energy, positivity, and new light she has brought into my life. I had the privilege to receive a massage therapy session and take her yoga classes while on a trip to Belize. My stay was beyond enlightening. I was able to experience not only yoga, but also a full body clay wrap and candlelight meditation. Every morning I started the day with yoga. It evoked an inner peace that I have not experienced before, nor did I think was possible. The clay wrap and body massage was absolute bliss and left my skin feeling refreshed. Parama’s tranquil nature made me feel relaxed and safe. Candlelight meditation was the perfect end to my trip. It helped with my sleeplessness and put my mind at ease. Everyday I am so thankful I took the time for myself to recharge with Parama’s positive and encouraging words. She is well spoken, thoughtful, and very experienced. She is able to work with anyone and modifies the experience to fit every individuals needs. I am hoping we will meet again!” —K.S., Fashion Merchandising, Chicago

“My massage with Parama was phenomenal. Everything in my body feels like it’s back in the right place. Before, my body hurt all over. Now I feel no pain. Everything feels perfectly balanced.”  —M.B., Hotel Resort Manager, Belize
“I am a physical therapist from California here at Cotton Tree Lodge on vacation. I sustained an injury to my ankle and decided I wanted to have a massage to work on that as well as some general stiffness that I acquired over the course of the traveling in Central America for the last 10 days. When I went in to get my massage, I had some general stiffness in my low back and legs from all the walking, as well as decreased range of motion and stiffness in my ankle from the injury. The massage helped in a multitude of ways: decreasing the pain in my left hip as well as the left lumbar region. Afterwards, there was a great deal more range of motion and decreased swelling in the right ankle. Now I am ready to continue my vacation and enjoy the rest of my stay here. I would highly recommend Parama as a massage therapist here at Cotton Tree Lodge.” —L.H., Physical Therapist, California

“The best massage I’ve ever had.”  —V.C., Manager of Hotel/Resort, Belize

“It is my honor to highly recommend Parama as a yoga instructor. I had the privilege to attend her sessions when I was in Belize for vacation. She has the unique observational skills to work with a group but customizes the sessions to everyone’s individual needs. She is very well versed in quite a few disciplines of yoga, therefore meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of all.”  —C.L., Physical Therapist, Chicago

“You really do heal.” —M.F., Weightlifter, New York City

“I died and went to heaven.” —J.H., Manager, Montana

“My experience with Parama was most unusual. She understands energy and worked with mine as well as hers. Because of this, she has healing hands. Massage can be just a mechanical experience, but Parama is able to transform it into a spiritual experience. Thank you for your gift of healing.” —J.M., PhD Professor, University of Michigan

“During my stay in Guatemala, I had the pleasure of having two massages with Parama. She is a very talented masseuse, who brings many skills to her work. She wonderfully integrates reflexology, cranial sacral and acupressure to her therapeutic massages. She also brings a calm, healing energy that feels wonderful. I highly recommend Parama!” —M.J., Graduate of San Francisco Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, California

“I received a Life Reading from Parama just a few short days ago. I am reading and re-reading all the guidance you are offering, and it is profound for me to see my path so clearly in front of me through this reading. A path my soul has long known, and it is nothing new to me, yet to see it written out by a person who does not know me in the physical, is tremendously powerful. I no longer have to spend energy questioning if I can trust my intuition in regards to my path, and can just simply be on it. Thank you from my heart and spirit.” —K.F., Life Coach, Vermont

“As a result of two mountain bike accidents, my neck and left shoulder were always tense and in pain. I had tried therapy in the states, but there was no long term change and I was resigned to living with the numbness and burning sensation down my left arm. I made an appointment with Parama hoping for short term relief, but after a series of massage appointments coupled with the stretching exercises she assigned, I am amazed to find myself pain free and much more flexible in that area. The difference I gratefully attribute to her skill.”  —D.A., Philanthropist, Weightlifter, Seattle, Washington

“Your vow of silence is an extraordinary leap of commitment to what is easy to skirt around. I appreciate knowing it and finding you. Thanks for being a beckoning beacon of courage to take the steps on the path.” —R.A., Registered Nurse Midwife, Michigan

“La atencion que presta es muy buena, asi como el servicio de relajamiento, el personal es muy atento. Bendiciones, gracias.” —G.P., Writer, Guatemala City

“Not only does Parama have excellent technical skill as a therapist, but she really cares about people, and it shows.” —K.C., Marketing and Sales Manager, Scottsdale, Arizona

“So profoundly thankful to know a spirit who seems to scarcely disturb the physical plane with the grace of her light and love  YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for being here on this plane  your service, devotion and radiance are as inspiring as any ascended master’s.” —M.K., Comedian, California

“Very relaxing and professional. Thank you.” —B.M., Student, Runner, Canada

“I bless Parama’s hands and care and hope to be back soon.” —H.O., Tour Guide, Guatemala

“I’ve had massages all over the world, every week, and I’ve never had a massage as strong and deep as yours.” —M.P., Entrepreneur, Guatemala

“This was my first massage, and I never knew what I was missing.” —J.L., Painter, Texas

“You worked a miracle on me.” —E.O., Lawyer, West Palm Beach, Florida

“Yours is the best massage I’ve ever had.” —E.K., Consultant, South Korea

“Parama, thank you for your perceptive and competent work on my damaged feet during my time in Guatemala. I am undergoing tendon-transfer surgery in September in an attempt to gain a pain free decade, and I will be returning to Guatemala next March to see you again.” —M.L., Psychotherapist, Washington D.C.

“Just what the doctor ordered!” —T.H., Dentist, Minnesota

“Some friends and I all enjoyed massages after a weeks worth of work during a medical mission trip in Guatemala. This is just what we needed for a little R&R! —A.C., Physician, Toronto, Canada

“I had an hour of therapeutic deep tissue massage having just come back from a 3 day trek and I felt amazing. Parama really knows how to get in deep. A little touch of heaven.” —A.S., Sports Massage Therapist, Colorado

“It is my honor to highly recommend Parama as a yoga instructor. I had the privilege to attend her sessions when I was in Belize for vacation. She has the unique observational skills to work with a group but customizes the sessions to everyone’s individual needs. She is very well versed in quite a few disciplines of yoga, therefore meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of all.”  —C.L., Physical Therapist, Chicago

“I’ve had some good yoga teachers and some excellent yoga teachers. You’re up there with the excellent.”  —W.N., Travel Agent, North Carolina

“I love yoga! Regardless of my age, our yoga practice has helped me feel stronger. Parama is a great instructor. She maintains a good pace throughout the sequence of postures with excellent descriptions and directions.” —D.M., Hotel Resort Owner, Belize

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